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Carrying on my Late Husband's Passion

I'm often asked about the back story of the name Stardance.  Glenn was fascinated by Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic growing practices.  He was certain that the celestial bodies had an influence on all growing things. And he saw life as a joyous dance. Put those together and you get Stardance.

In 2001 we had just moved back to Oregon after a few years in Seattle.  We were looking for a nice little place in the country for our retirement.  Some place where we could have some chickens and a couple of sheep.  We were just "window shopping" when we saw this piece of property outside of Yamhill.  Over a few glassses of wine in the rooftop bar in McMinnville Glenn started telling me what he would do with this piece of property if it were his.  Slowly his conversation morphed from what he would do if it were his to what he would do when it was his.  After a while I said, "We are buying that property, aren't we?"  Our house in Seattle sold, the rest is history.

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