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Organic leaning toward biodynamic

At Stardance Vineyards we are completely organic. Our vineyard is planted where an old growth forest had been clear cut, so we know that there have been no chemicals applied here. We follow biodynamic practices when we can, such as pruning based on the moon in order to influence plant vigor.

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Jul 06, 2020

Hi Shirley.

I worked, as an admi asst temp, for Glenn at Weyer. for 2-3 years - mmm, many years ago :) I found Glenn to be a uniquely astonishing person, brilliant, of course, and generous and wise (he recommended Biodynamic books, and shared a couple effective strategies - i.e., whiz up the non-beneficial bugs and spray them on afflicted plants, pigs kept under walnut trees to eradicate pest larva, etc :) Glad to have found you here, so I can 'follow' his legacy... disappointed to hear that's he left already. Perhaps communication would/will be easier now... Glenn may have more insights to share :)



(memories - you 2 had a geometrician (I made that up) cat, who…

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